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Making this project a reality will require modest seed funding (see budget below). If you or people you know would like to financially support this program, please Contact Us.

Estimated Budget to Launch "An Urgent Message From Your Children"

  • Pre-Production, Production, Post Production and Editing of initial videos ($30,000)
  • Creation of a sophisticated and fun Web Portal where children around the world can upload their videos, communicate and support each other, and easily send their videos (with a personal message) to each member of Congress, the President, Corporate CEOs, Bankers, Hedge Fund Managers, Oil Company Execs, Major Media Outlets, all the UN Heads of State, and others! ($30,000)
  • Addition of targeted, issue-specific campaign tools to website ($20,000)
  • Partner Outreach Team for Children's Involvement and Distribution of Videos Worldwide ($25,000)
  • Production and Modest Distribution of Special Videos for Mainstream TV, Cable and Satellite Networks ($75,000)
  • Consulting Fees ($45,000)
  • Ongoing Website Content Management ($20,000)
  • Operating and Miscellaneous Expenses ($30,000)

Total: $275,000


An Urgent Message From Your Children is a project of
We, The World for the WE Campaign.