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Hey kids, are you 12 years old or younger? Wanna add your own video to this website? Here's how:

1. Make a video (3 minutes or less)

Express your fears, concerns and hopes about the environment and the future of our planet. You can say anything you like but here are few suggestions:

  • What’s’ happening to our environment?
  • How are those changes affecting the animals? 
  • How will these changes affect us?
  • How do you feel about this?
  • What do you hope for?

2. Post the video on Youtube with #UMFYC

Have your parent or legal guardian post the video on

Be sure to include "#UMFYC" in the title. 

3. Send us a link

Have your parent or legal guardian send us an email (to: with a link to your video and we’ll let you know when we've added it to our site. 

Activator Guide
If you're an adult who wants to help a group of children (school class, etc.) make their own videos, download our Activator Guide.